Jacksonville, FL was a Southern exploitation mecca back when neighborhood theatres reigned supreme, there was a drive-in on every corner and when white flight brought about the need for black-themed pictures and martial arts spectaculars for the downtown crowd who were left some of the most beautiful movie houses ever built while the honkies built up their multi-plex suburbia.

Somewhere along the line, Jacksonville lost its cool and not just with movies. While it ain't ever going to be New York, it had everything a movie lover could need and had places like Einstein A Go Go and Milk Bar for the music. I'm sure some folks way older than I but with the same interests could tell you some stories.

However, Jacksonville is just as bland as every other town now, with the exception of possibly Austin, TX. I haven't been there in a long time but if it's going the way Atlanta's going since I left there, then there's not many other places left to go.

Next time you're at your local public library, jump on the microfilm and check out what your town was doing back in the day. Things may not be as cool as you think now.

Unless you dig X-Box and Playstations.